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Welcome to our chiropractic clinic! We are proud to serve our community to resolve health issues and find pain relief. While Greenville chiropractors are known for helping with chronic back pain, we actually help with a wide variety of health concerns.

Let me introduce you to the next level in Chiropractic Care. I am Doctor Carrano owner of Carrano Chiropractic. I have created a unique team of Chiropractic Physicians dedicated to your wellbeing, not only in Chiropractic care but also in Nutrition, Therapy, Positive Energy, and Kindness.

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After taking your health history into account, your chiropractor will perform a physical examination. Your chiropractor may feel your spine, joints, and examine your range of motion.

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A chiropractic exam will be thorough and may include X-rays, orthopedic tests, and neurological tests.

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Spinal Exam

To determine what parts of your spine would require chiropractic treatment, your chiropractor will likely use a palpation technique to find what areas of your spine's mobility are restricted.

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Many healthcare providers employ the use of x-rays for diagnostic purposes, including chiropractors. They are useful in helping identify the source of a problem, its potential severity, and potentially guiding the course of treatment.

We Do Chiropractic Different Here

Once you get here your needs will be our first priority. You will notice the uniqueness of our office immediately. We are not stuff shirts, we do not think that we are superior in any way and our relationships with our patients prove this. We do things differently here, we make our patients feel at home, and yet we have some of the most comprehensive understanding of the human body. Dr. Carrano is certified in Functional Medicine and We utilize Chiropractic adjustments in a variety of techniques, we offer zyto scan for nutritional understanding of your body, Therapies such as Graston (muscle Work), Mechanical Traction, EMS, Therapeutic Ultrasound, and Laser.

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Chiropractor Greenville SC Joe Carrano Neck Adjustment

Chiropractic Treats A Variety of Conditions

We treat many differing pathologies: such as Low back pain, Neck pain, Muscle pain, and we have had success with a variety of illnesses related to nutritional deficiencies. We also do anti-aging, immune enhancement, blood work, mitochondrial enhancement, and many more.

Chiropractic Misconceptions

We are doctors of true healthcare. We locate, analyze, and treat vertebral subluxation that causes dis-ease in the body. We do not treat symptoms. We remove interference that a misalignment in the spine is causing on spinal nerves. The adjustment allows the proper flowing of nerve impulses out to every organ and body tissue. The majority of the time pain is the first symptom to subside when being adjusted. That is why many people from Greenville get care here, to remove pain, but our patients receive so much more. They get a fully functioning nervous system that allows the body to function and adapt optimally.

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To Take Control Of Your Health

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Services That Meet All of Your Healthcare Needs

We are partners in your journey and we understand how debilitating unnecessary pain and inflammation can be. Our goal is to help our patients find relief and take control of their whole health. See some of our Chiropractic services and all we have to offer. In addition to chiropractic care, we also offer Personal Injury and Zyto Scan. LEARN MORE HERE

Chiropractic Techniques

  • Diversified
  • Gonstead
  • Activator
  • Thompson Drop Technique
  • Sacral Occipital Technique