Arsenic in Poulty Meat and Eggs

Another Cancer Connection

Article by Dr. Joe Carrano

Many laboratory test have proven that arsenic causes cancer even at low levels currently found in our environment. Also, evidence suggests that arsenic contributes to other diseases such as diabetes, heart and decline of mental function. Humans are exposed to arsenic directly from its natural occurrence in the earth's crust but arsenic is mined and then used commercially. Drinking water, rice and playground equipment are a few of the daily exposures to cancer causing arsenic.

The environmental protection agency (really who do they protect?) finally lowered its long outdated arsenic drinking-water standards by five fold in 2001. Still, arsenic is a major contributor in many of today's diseases. Arsenic contaminates many of your favorite foods, including rice, and chicken intentionally.For many decades chicken farmers have been feeding chickens arsenic to hasten and increase growth and conceal symptoms of disease at youthful stages of chicken development. Of the 8.7 billion chickens produced each year, (makes you wonder how they can produce so many so fast) at least 70% have been fed arsenic. Some of that arsenic remains in commercial chickens andeggs.

The difference in arsenic content between grocery store chicken and organic chicken is like night and day and if you want no arsenic buy free range chicken. Some of the brands that have arsenic are:

Trader Joes, Perdue, Tysons, Spring River, McDonalds, Popeye, Jack in the box, subway, Arby's Wendy's, KFC, Hardees and Churches

See all the advertisements lately on TV for eggs and how they make them sound so healthy, BALONEY!

All of their claims are lies, the only truth could be that they put out feed that may contain vitamins.

That still does not mean anything because the chickens would have to eat them and who says they do! On another note commercial eggs are bacterial laden (salmonella) in addition to having arsenic in them. The chickens are either caged or cage free. What this means is that the chicken are forced to stay in nests until time to eat or they are allowed to roam around in the nesting house for short periods of time, and neither of these situations offer sunlight, natural eating, or exercise. In my opinion the only eggs to buy and eat are free range, the taste and benefits are out of this world and no salmonella.

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